Los Rumberos De Massachussets

Los Rumberos de Massachusetts

To dance, to rumba, and to have a great time.


This has been their motto since they started playing in 2013. Their mission is to share with the world the wealth of musical styles that exist in Mexico, and to spread their energy, happiness, and music with more people across all regions of the planet. 


Paul Sefchovich (drums / vocals), Lito de la Isla (guitar / vocals) and Angel Céspedes (guitar / vocals) are three Mexicans who had met in Boston while studying at the Berklee College of Music and decided to create a fusion of different world music genres.


The idea that with the combination of Rumba, Huapango and Blues they would cause a sensation not only Mexico, but in the United States and many other countries, was barely imaginable at that time.


"A rumbear" - an absolutely hot song with great potential to become a hit. To the surprise of the band master Carlos Santana joined in for a live version of the song with his unique guitar sound.

A totally different feeling, very smooth and sensitive: “Ojos Tristes” is an empathic ballad feat. Female singer “Valgur”. You can really feel the prickle of raindrops on your skin.


Web: losrumberos.mx

Hola Europa!
This album is excited anticipation of warming sun and warm up for band’s first tour in Europe 2017.